SG attorneys are well versed in matters that effect the trucking and transportation industry. We have defended lawsuits ranging in exposure from minor injury, through catastrophic loss such as death and paraplegia. Our involvement can take shape immediately, even at the accident scene to coordinate a response, including investigation, accident reconstruction, and coordination with the governmental investigators.

Our Firm is exclusive New York counsel to a state transportation authority, which has allowed us to represent this entity in claims across multiple states and in federal court. This, along with other transportation claims which we are involved with, has given us the experience to represent the sector from moments after a claim all the way through trial and appeal.

Our services include representation of:

  • Bus, transit and ground transportation companies
  • Drivers and individuals
  • Long-haul and short-haul motor carriers
  • Manufacturers and distributors
  • Moving and storage companies
  • Private carriers
  • Other transportation Companies