The New York State Labor Law exposes property owners, general contractors and others to significant liability and exposure.  Under various circumstances, this liability is absolute, meaning that the construction worker's own negligence is irrelevant. 

This law presents obvious challenges in litigation. Despite these difficulties, our team has been defending against labor law claims for decades.  We are well situated to immediately pursue loss transfer matters, such as indemnity and declaratory judgment. We likewise have access to various expert witnesses to challenge plaintiff's on construction liability, and also in the damages arena, on vocational examination, economics, and medical rehabilitation, among others. We realize these cases can be very serious, and our team members are highly qualified at evaluating the claims, challenging the plaintiffs liability and damages theories, and in prosecuting our defenses timely and effectively. 

Given our experience in litigating construction claims, our lawyers have been involved substantially in key insurance and indemnification issues that frequently arise in New York injured construction worker lawsuits. This experience provides our clients with a solid framework to defend against complex claims.  In this field, our Firm has been retained by major insurance carriers and small contractors to assist in construction matters.  This involves not only personal injury lawsuits, but the business side of the industry as well, including contracts, legal advice and counseling and review of procedures.

Practice Areas

  • Defense of Worksite Injury Litigation
  • Contract Negotiation and Dispute
  • Indemnification
  • Subcontractor and General Contractor Contracts
  • Claims Avoidance
  • Counseling of New York State Labor Law issues