SG  is routinely assigned a variety of negligence claims as panel counsel by insurers, self insured entities and private businesses.  We defend against all personal injury lawsuits, big and small.  

We have long recognized that the legal expenses on any given claim must be proportionate with the nature and seriousness of a case. SG has invested in metrics and analytics to self examine our claims handling, to demonstrate what theories and tools work, and support our program with real live data.  This includes using early resolution tools, alternative fee arrangements,  and motion practice, among others. We understand that claims should never remain stagnant, that our team should be actively and aggressively moving them toward finality, and that we should always be communicating with our clients as much as possible.  We handle these claims through a partnership with clients, to help arrive at the best outcome possible. 

Targeting resolution and efficiency, and setting realistic goals to meet our client expectations, we have assembled our team to handle negligence cases to achieve early resolutions at expected settlement ranges, to stay within budgets, and to resolve our cases at projected metrics that we share with our clients early on after assignment.  We are upfront with clients, advising them when cases should be tried, when to be aggressive with the other side, and when to utilize cost effective approaches to litigation. 

We are focused on defending against personal injury lawsuits.  We represent landlords, businesses, restaurants, housing agencies, schools, individuals and all other entities against a variety of civil matters.  The firm handles claims involving damage to property as well. It is our goal to provide cost effective representation to our clients.  From the onset of litigation, attorneys formulate an aggressive strategy and prepare estimated litigation budgets to arrive at resolution as quickly as possible. We work with our clients to minimize legal and indemnity expenses and are always moving a claim toward resolution, whether that is dismissal, settlement or trial when necessary. We also are well suited to counsel our clients on how to prevent personal injury claims from occurring, and to better protect themselves in the event that litigation should arise. 

Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Negligent Supervision and Training Claims
  • Negligent Security
  • Premises Claims
  • Transportation and Motor Vehicle
  • Property and Subrogation
  • Fire