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Summary Judgment Granted in Civil Rights Action

The Plaintiff Efrain Rodriguez claimed that Schwab & Gasparini Client, Vista on the Lake, Inc., a condominium association in Carmel New York together with its Board of Managers and the individual Board Members engaged in a series of intentional acts that deprived him of his federally protected civil rights. Specifically, the plaintiff claimed that the defendants violated provisions of the Federal fair Housing Act, deprived him of Due Process and property rights, committed libel and slander and violated the New York State Civil Rights Law.

The Court concluded that the proof established that the plaintiff failed to submit any evidence to support his claims, and that the plaintiff was in fact in breach of his agreement with the Board of Managers for failing to pay his common charges and in refusing to comply with the regulations of the association. As such, the lawsuit was dismissed.

Rodriguez v. Vista on the Lake, Inc., et. al. (Supreme Court, Putnam County) Rubino Law Firm, New York, NY for the Plaintiff.

Mon Mar 26 2012, 11:12am