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SG Obtains Summary Judgment for a Residential Housing Client

In DiStefano v. Praxis Housing White Plains Road Housing Development Fund (Bronx County), the plaintiff was an employee of Praxis Housing Initiatives and was in the course of his duties while visiting one of his employer's properties when he slipped and fell on exterior steps.

The record demonstrated that Praxis Housing White Plains Road Housing Development Fund, was related to Praxis Housing Initiatives, and these two "Praxis" organizations are "alter egos" of one another. Based upon this, we moved for summary judgment, arguing that plaintiff is barred by the exclusivity provisions of Workers’ Compensation Law sections 11 and 29(6) from pursuing a claim against his employer "Praxis" and their "alter ego." The Court agreed with this analysis, and dismissed the Complaint.

-Timothy G. Tuttle

Tue Jan 17 2023, 12:00am