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SG Obtains Dismissal of Employment Action before the NYSDHR for its Casino Client

SG obtained a dismissal of a New York State Division of Human Rights discrimination claim filed against its Casino client. The complainant had alleged that her employer discriminated against her by denying a request for accommodation. SG had submitted extensive documentary evidence on how the suggested accommodation would change the essential functions of her job, how its client offered to continue to engage in the interactive process with complainant-- to which complainant did not engage, and how each of her claims were effectively rebutted by employee handbooks, the union collective bargaining agreement, and the needs of the company. The Division of Human Rights found for our client and dismissed the claim entirely. The matter was handled by Firm Partner Louis U. Gasparini and Associate Caitriona Robbins.

-Louis U. Gasparini, Caitriona A. Robbins

Wed Apr 19 2023, 12:00am