Commercial and Business Litigation White Plains, NY

We have a seasoned team of commercial and business lawyers at Schwab Gasparini. Each attorney who works with our law firm has handled various cases in this field, expanding their knowledge and developing the skills they need to secure the best outcome for our clients in White Plains, NY.

We strive to protect our client's best interests by focusing on their business objectives, needs, and requirements. In addition, we provide comprehensive guidance through the litigation process to help them succeed in their defense against significant claims.

All commercial litigation cases are intricate, whether they involve multiple businesses or individuals. Companies should work with experienced attorneys to handle the claims against them. 

Fortunately, Schwab Gasparini attorneys know the factors that can impact the litigation process and are willing to help our clients build a solid defense to protect their businesses.

Our lawyers offer assistance with commercial litigation cases that must be handled in trials. However, we consider other out-of-court options according to our client's needs and preferences, including the following:

  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Aggressive lawyering
  • Settlements
  • Motion practice

Why Hire a Commercial and Business Litigation Lawyer?

Different issues can arise in the business context. Many involve individuals, such as employees or contractors, against businesses, while others occur when a company faces another. This is where commercial litigation comes in.

All cases are complex. When litigation involves two businesses facing each other, both sides often have to build solid claims and defenses according to their interests.

If there's a dispute between a person and a company, the case should be handled differently, but that doesn't make it any easier. Instead of defenses and claims on both sides, a plaintiff faces a defendant.

Business litigation covers disputes that arise from commercial relationships. However, complex laws govern them. As a result, these matters are difficult to handle without the help of a seasoned attorney.

Fortunately, an experienced attorney from our law firm can assist businesses, organizations, and corporate departments in White Plains, NY, through the daunting litigation process.

Commercial Litigation vs. Civil Litigation

Essentially, both terms describe similar legal processes. However, businesses and individuals have different rights. We focus on companies and their needs.

Our seasoned lawyers know the laws governing business-related disputes and offer comprehensive guidance to companies facing claims filed by other businesses or individuals.

Help Through the Litigation Process

When it comes to commercial litigation cases, breaches of contracts are common causes. However, many other disputes can arise in the business context. These are some examples:

  • Financial disputes
  • Trade secrets
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Unfair business practices
  • Non-compete agreement issues
  • Real estate disputes
  • Wrongful dissolution
  • Construction delays
  • Breaches of contract

A company facing payment rate and schedule disputes may need the help of a lawyer to handle commercial litigation cases if an employee or contractor takes legal action against it, for example.

In addition, when a party breaches its duties as set out in original agreements, companies or individuals can file a suit to hold the other party accountable for their actions.

No matter the cause, these cases can bring financial and operational difficulties to businesses. Luckily, our attorneys know the best strategies to renegotiate contracts or settlements to defend our clients.

We're fully committed to our client's success at Schwab Gasparini and will always go the extra mile to defend their cases professionally.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Thanks to our effective and all-inclusive approach, we have maintained a high success rate over the years, helping businesses overcome the difficulties of litigation matters.

This is what we do:

  • Strive and remain proactive to lead the litigation process according to our client's needs
  • Act quickly to collect evidence, devise an effective strategy, and build a solid defense
  • Guarantee that each partner from our law firm gets assistance from an associate lawyer and paralegal during the litigation process
  • Identify such roles based on our client's strategic and financial needs
  • Review the laws and how they may affect each case to identify weaknesses and strengths
  • Analyze the other party's strategy, evidence, and case to learn how they may affect our clients and adjust our defense accordingly
  • Maintain fluid communication with our clients throughout the process to protect their goals and interests
  • Offer a fair and transparent legal fee

Businesses We Serve in White Plains, NY

At Schwab Gasparini, we understand that many businesses may need help from our attorneys to handle commercial litigation cases. Therefore, we serve the following:

  • Construction companies
  • Higher education institutions
  • Banks
  • Estates
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Publicly traded corporations
  • Pipeline companies
  • Private lenders
  • Closely held entities
  • And more!

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